Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Walking Trip Part 10-Signs

My walking trip is coming to an end, I did not see any monkeys but these are some of the signs that I came across.

To protect the pedestrians and the beautiful bridges, bicycles, motorbikes, rollerskates or flammable stuff are not allowed on the bridge.

This sign is in the park. So be considerate, so others can enjoy the park.

Dont go on the walking trip if it is raining or there's thunder cause there's no shelter along the walk. The only shelter there is almost near anther bridge (Alexandra Arch), which I will post tomorrow for skywatch to conclude my walking trip.

The residential area mentioned in the sign below are almost near the end of walking trip, i.e. near to the Alexandra Arch. I will post the photo of the residential area on another post.

Have you enjoyed the walking trip as much as I do, but do keep the forest clean and green. Hope the information that I posted on my walking trip is useful to those who are planning to try the Southern Ridge i.e. the shorter version-that I did.


Unknown said...

Walking is a good exercise, all the better with so much greenery around. The walkways seem so tidy and good signs to remind users too.

Anya said...

I enjoy always your walking trips:)
In mind I am walking with you ;)

Rambling Woods said...

Alice...I really enjoyed this series and I can only imagine the time it took to take all the photos and then to organize them for the blog and you did it really well. Not ever having been to Singapore, I was very interested in all the scenery. I didn't know you country had so much rain forest, but it gives you a great opportunity to see different kinds of plants and wildlife. I loved the bridges and the video clips of the 'Amazing Race'. I admire how much of it you were able to complete with your friends...Michelle

escape said...

hehehe... that's a very good rule as it helps the place remain clean.