Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sentosa - Lake of Dreams

I love walking around Sentosa but there's so much to see on Sentosa so I just hang around Resort World for that part of the day.

Was admiring all these beautiful sculptures and fountain at the Lake of Dream at Resort World.

Every night at 9.30 pm there's a wonderful performance at the Lake of Dream. The performance last about 20 minutes. I have never visit the resort world at night, perhaps I will go one of the night to watch the night performance.

Just a short video of the fountain performance at the Lake of Dream.

As I was making my way home, suddenly there's fire breathing out of the sculptures. So I quickly take a short video of the fire coming out of the sculptures. It was about 2.30 pm when I was there.

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Rajesh said...

Beautiful place. Love the variety in the designs.

Steffi said...

Very beautiful photos for SWF and a very interesting post!Thank you for sharing and have a nice weekend!

Indrani said...

I like the first shot with reflection.