Monday, August 15, 2011

Sentosa - Going to Sentosa via the Boardwalk

There are many ways to visit Sentosa from mainland Singapore. We can drive there, take the cable car, monorail, bus or simply walking there.

The thing I like walking there is the new 700-metre timber boardwalk (a kind of bridge) linking mainland Singapore and Sentosa. It is sheltered and had travelators for those who cant walk long distance, especially the senior citizens.

Different parts of the boardwalk was colour coded and themed.

Finally we done walking the 700 m boardwalk and we arrived the ticket office. For those who want to buy tickets for the different attactions in Sentosa, can get the tickets from the ticket office or if you just walk to take a brisk walk on Sentosa just skip this ticket office and go straight to the gantry gates.

Admission via the boardwalk to Sentosa is only $1 and for quick access we can use our EZ link Card (the card that we used to board bus or train).

For more photos of the Sentosa boardwalk, can view my previous post.


escape said...

i saw this once when i went to sentosa but it was late night so the path was not so clear.

ill be in singapore early september.

alicesg said...

It is cooler to go there at night. I will try going there at night for a change. Hope you can explore more when you are here in Sept. :)