Sunday, August 28, 2011

Asian Civilisations Museum - Terracotta Warriors Exhibitions

I visited the Asian Civilisations Museum with little niece to view an exhibition on the Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor and His Legacy. The exhibition will on from 24 Jun 2011 - 16 Oct 2011.

This exhibition features one hundred artefacts from Shaanxi province in China. Besides terracotta figures, the display contains important bronzes and jades from the Qin state before the time of the First Emperor, Shi Huangdi. The Han dynasty inherited the legacy of unified China, and charming terracotta figures from this later period show how the First Emperor’s tomb influenced later burials.

Admission Charges for Adults are different depending on the time you visited the museum. I paid only $5 when I visited earlier this month and my little niece do not have to pay for the admission charges cause she is a full time Singapore student. You can visit the official website for more information on the admission tickets.

Statues guarding the entrance of the museum.

You can purchase the tickets from the ticketing counter on the ground floor and you get a sticker to paste on your shirt to show the security guard when you enter the gallery.

The two statues infront of the exhibition hall are actually puzzle statues. You can play with the puzzles.

More photos on the terracotta warriors in next post.


Unknown said...

I'm sure this excellent exhibition will attract a huge audience. Have been to the Asian Civilisations Museum and found it a really wonderful place.

Alexander said...

Very nice and interesting statues :D
I have not been into this place since it was renovated. :D

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Joyful said...

sounds like you had an excellent adventure!