Thursday, July 28, 2011

A walk along Balestier Road - Goddess of Mercy Temple

Walking along Balestier Road, you can find many wonders and history along the road. One of them is this Goddess of Mercy Temple. There are many Goddess of Mercy Temples around Singapore. The most popular Goddess of Mercy Temple must be the one at Waterloo Street and this temple at Balestier Road is also very popular.

As always the roof of chinese temples decorated with dragons guarding the pearl in the centre. If I am not mistaken the dragon guarding the roof of temple must be the 2nd son of the Dragon King. The dragon king has 9 sons.

Chi Wen - The second son of the dragon, Chi Wen is in charge of rainfall. His image is seen on the ridges of buildings to protect the building from fire. Chi Wen can be seen on virtually every imperial building made of terracotta and colorfully glazed.

You might like to read the rest of the other sons of the dragon king from source.


Indrani said...

I love dragon stories. Wonder what the other sons of dragon were famous for.

alicesg said...

Indrani, you can read the story of the other sons of the dragon king from this link.