Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pink Saturday - Shuang Lin Monastery - Flowers and Plants

Beside worshipping at the temple, the temple grounds has a very huge garden with lots of bonsai and other plants.

Saw this huge lotus flower grown in the temple ground. It was so tall that I had to tiptoe and raise my hands to capture the flower in my camera. Am pleased it turned out to be pretty.

In buddhism, white lotus represents the state of spiritual perfection and total mental purity (bodhi). It is associated with the White Tara and proclaims her perfect nature, a quality which is reinforced by the color of her body.

Pink Lotus generally reserved for the highest deity. Thus naturally it is associated with the Great Buddha himself
(Source: religion facts)

Ths lotus leaves are so huge, reminded me of the lotus leaves used to wrap glutinous rice.

Water lily

There's a small pond where they grew beautiful water lilies.

The gardener taking care of the plants in a small garden infront of the Goddess of Mercy Hall.

It is interesting to see so many bonsai plants in the temple ground. They are well maintained and taken care of.

The next time you visit the temple, do look out for these plants and flowers.

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Tina´s PicStory said...

How beautiful. It would be perfect for *Weekendflowers*. So if you like... :) LG Tina

Aquascape Your Landscape said...

These are beautiful plants! I just posted photos of waterlilies and lotus on my blog that you might like to see.

Living In Williamsburg Virginia said...

Incredibly beautiful flowers and very interesting explanation.

Darryl and Ruth :)

escape said...

ive never seen nice lily flowers. these ones are beautiful.