Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My World Tuesday - The Green Corridor

Yes, I am standing in the middle of the railway track without fear of the train coming cause the train wont be coming anymore. This used to belongs to KTM Malaysia, but some agreement between Singapore and Malaysia, a very long stretch of the railway track/land will be hand over to Singapore in exchange for joint venture in a few land parcels in Singapore with Malaysia having 60% and Singapore 40% in the partnership.

Many Singaporeans flocked to have last chance to take photos with these tracks before they are being removed.

The entire line of railway tracks will be open to the public from now until July 17, except for a few areas.

After July 17, a 3km stretch of tracks from Rifle Range Road to The Rail Mall will continue to be open until July 31.

Singapore will remove the tracks and ancillary structures of the KTM railway and hand them over to Malaysia.

But there are some hope that certain part of the tracks and greenery will be retained.

For those interested in checking out the walking route from Rail Mall to Bukit Timah Train Station, you can view or download the map from The Green Corridor.

Most people mingle around certain popular parts of the railway tracks, but there are some courageous who actually walked the entire stretch of the railway track.

One of them is my ex-classmate who I met at The Rail Mall, she started at 8am at Kranji and walked to The Rail Mall around 1 pm for lunch and continue to Bukit Timah Railway Station and ended her walk at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station around 4 pm. OMG, she can really walk, I cant walk, I just mingle around Rail Mall and walk only a short stretch of the tracks to avoid the crowd at the Rail Mall and take a short cut out of the bushes and walked back to Rail Mall for lunch...lol.

I have just a great time walking on the railway tracks and taking lots of photos, this is the first time I had walked on a railway track.

Two short videos showing people walking on the railway tracks.

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Rajesh said...

Wonderful shots. Nice route for he train.

Kel said...

interesting land handover
many old railway tracks here get turned into bike trails

escape said...

how interesting that you did your part of the last look before it is removed.

modern rail coming.

alicesg said...
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alicesg said...

Dong Ho, the railway tracks will be removed and return to Malaysia. The train will and already stopping at the Woodlands Train Station which is north of Singapore instead of Tanjong Pagar which is nearer to the city of Singapore. There wont be anymore trains or tracks running here but certain part of the tracks might be kept for historical sake. There might be certain stretch of the long track kept for greenery purposes.

Ever Green Tree said...

Great shots... for keepsake!