Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tanjong Pagar Railway Station - Inside the station

Inside the station, it was very spacious and have very high ceiling.

Tickets to Malaysia are mostly sold out for the month of June. Most people would like to take the train at this station for historical moment before the station is relocated to Woodlands.

There were some canteens in the station selling malay food. They are really delicious. Will post about it in later post.

A replica of a malay kampong house inviting tourists to try out homestay kampong living with the locals in Malaysia.

Saw many shutterbugs taking photos of the station before it closed down. The station will be preseved but not sure who is taking over. Just hope the station will be accessible to the public.

High on the walls of the station are very beautiful murals representing the four themes of the railway station (ie Industry, Agriculture, Commerce and Transport).
Nice mural showing workers in a rubber plantation.

Murals showing workers planting rice.

Two short videos showing the interior of the station.

More photos coming in later posts showing the train.


Unknown said...

I have not stepped inside this station at all!The chance is gone:( Lovely murals on the rubber tappers.

Photo Cache said...

Wow, I hope it wouldn't be turned into another mall.