Monday, June 27, 2011

Peranakan Museum - Artefacts 2

This section of the museum showcase the wedding custom of the Peranakans.

The set of jewellery were wore by the ladies, belts were used to fasten the sarong (a kind of long skirt), the brooches were used to fasten the blouses.

Zoom on the gold belt - very beautiful designs on it.

The gift of the pig's leg by the bridegroom's family symbolise that the bride was a virgin. For chinese weddings, the whole roast pig will be used. If the bride is not a virgin , they would cut off the ears of the pigs .

A tray of gifts with jewellery and dowry money in the red packet will be given to the bride's family. Normally they will discuss what to give before the actual wedding and negotiations of the amount of dowry money will be discussed first.

Gifts of a pair of candles, liquor and some oranges will be given to the bride's family too for offering to the God.

Gifts of cloth given to the bride, nonyas were expected to be very good in sewing during the olden days.

Gifts will be returned to the bride's family and bead slippers normally sewn by the bride herself.

After receiving from the bridegroom's family the liquor, fruits and candles, the bride's family will return new sets of about the same gifts.

The bride's family will return a portion of the pig's leg to the bridegroom's family.

The bride's family will accept the gifts of jewellery from the bridegroom's family and return some gifts to the bridegroom's family.


Photo Cache said...

marriage/wedding customs of different cultures are so fascinating. do they still have dowries nowadays?

alicesg said...

Yes, the dowries nowadays is really very expensive. The bride's family in a chinese wedding will normally ask for the bridegroom to pay for the cost of ten tables during the wedding dinner which cost more than $10,000.