Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Peranakan Museum - Artefacts 3

Part of our visit involve this little activity where we go round the museum collecting motifs from the stamping stations and stamp onto the card. The motifs are in the shapes of dragons, phoenix, qilin,butterflies,flowers,insects,ang ku kueh or red tortoise shaped cake, etc

The beliefs of these motifs are:

Dragons make sure only good things can happen.
Whenever phoenix appears, good news will follow.
Wedding beds were decorated with butterflies to make sure the new couple had many children.
The qilin brings peace and happiness.
Peranakan girls loved the peony and wished to bloom like the king of flowers.
Bowls painted with insects will overflow with food just as insects fill the garden in good weather.
Ang ku Kueh or the red tortoise shaped cake promises a long life of good fortune.
Peranakan Ladies would fasten their blouses with a set of 3 brooches called kerosong.

A short video showing my little niece getting help from her mother to stamp the motifs on her card. I am the one videoing them.

The following artefacts are wedding gifts from the bride's family to the bride as part of her wedding dowry.

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Rajesh said...

The museum has beautiful items on display.

Indrani said...

Those look GRAND!