Sunday, July 5, 2009

Advertisement on Bus

Another beautifully decorated tour bus. You can guess it that it promoting the BirdPark Attraction on the bus.

Geez, been a long time since I visited the Bird Park, I think I got to visit it but is so far west of Singapore. I guess I have to wait for my nieces/nephews next school holiday. It would be more fun to go in a group.


Anya said...

Beautiful painted bus,
they are also in Dutch painted,
like the zoo, concerts,cartoons :)
Kareltje and I we have our on bus ,
you now that hahaha......
have a nice sunday,
I go swim today :)
(today 33C.. pfff.... )

escape said...

beautiful! the eagle there resembles so much of our own philippine eagle.

L. Neusiedler said...

indeed, the commercial looks nice!

Alexander said...

Haha... I haven't been to the bird park still don't know when, when I was 11 years old? Nevermind. :P

Alex's World! -

alicesg said...

Alex, hahaha, I think I brought my sons when they were in primary school. I think there might be some changes and I always love the penguin enclosure. Same for the Zoo. Cause both these places are so far from where I stay and my sons are bigger and they dont need me to bring them there

J.C. said...

Indeed a very eye-catching bus! Must have drawn a lot of attention!

Photo Cache said...

I like the ads on buses especially if they are as beautiful as this one. I haven't been to the bird park, we missed it on our visit. I wonder if I could ever go back to Singapore to visit the rest of spots I missed.