Friday, December 14, 2012

Skywatch Friday - Vivo City - Cruise Ship

I love going to the roof top of Vivo City to watch the huge cruise ship. Wish one day I could travel in one.

Nice that the weather was cloudy and windy that day.

I zoomed and took this photo of the balcony of the room and only when I was loading them into my computer, did I realise that there was a woman in one of the balcony. Doubt she was peeking into the next room, guess she was being curious if the other room looked identical to the room she was in. Was kind of funny hahahaha.

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Rajesh said...

wow! these cruise ships looks great.

Pat said...

Soft, pretty sky! Cruises are fun---you are treated like kings and queens.

Fun60 said...

That's a great capture of the lady sneaking a peep into next door's balcony.