Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Gathering 2012

We had a family gathering at my brother's home on Christmas Day. We celebrated with some local chinese food and pizza and we also exchange presents. Was really a fun and happy day for all of us.

Pizza and side orders from Pizza Hut.

Local Chinese food

Braised fish head

Braised tofu with prawns.

Hahahaha we dont have a christmas tree so we just lay our presents on the table. We used to have christmas trees in our homes when our children were younger, was fun putting and decorating the trees but taking out all the decorations and keeping the christmas trees became a chore, hahaha. But think we might get a christmas tree again.

For after meal dessert, we had mao shan wang durian log cake. Wow the best log cake we ever had. Mao Shan Wang is like branded durian, dont come cheap and was really very delicious.

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Alexander said...

Merry Christmas!! The food and cake looks good and I'm sure the gathering was even better.

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