Monday, February 14, 2011

Sentosa Board Walk - Part 1 of 2

I was trying a new route to Sentosa to view the yearly Sentosa Flower Show as part of the Chinese New Year Celebration.

We could cross over to Sentosa (an island off the mainland of Singapore) via the cable car, monorail, bus or drive over and now we can just walk over to Sentosa via the new boardwalk.

It was recently open and spending about S$70 million to construct. You can read more about the construction of the boardwalk via this website.

It costs us only $1 to enter Sentosa via the boardwalk, $3 if by monorail, $2 if by bus, and if by car it depends on the time you enter. You can view the official website for the different admission fees for car and cable car.

And if you are returning from Sentosa, you dont have to take the boardwalk again if you are tired, you can return via the monorail or bus without paying the difference in the admission fees.

I guess it is better if we use the boardwalk in the early morning or evening where the weather is much cooler. Hey, I just read about Singapore being the 2nd coolest people in the world. That's Cool. You can read the article from

Inside the boardwalk, there are travelators so that we dont have to walk all the way if we are lazy or tired. Very useful especially for the elderly who dont have strong legs.

Two short videos showing the inside of the boardwalk, am using the travelator.
Come back tomorrow for more photos of the beautiful Sentosa Boardwalk.

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looks impresive.