Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Sentosa was once known as Pulau Belakang Mati, which in Malay means the "Island (pulau) of Death (mati) from Behind (belakang)".

The Malay name for this island is literally translated as "dead back" or "behind the dead"; belakang means "at the back" or "behind"; mati means "dead". It is also called the dead island or the island of the dead.

Different versions of how the island came to acquire such an unpropitious name abound. One account attributed the ominous name to murder and piracy in the island's past. (source: Wikipedia)

In a 1972 contest organised by the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board, the island was renamed Sentosa, a Malay word meaning "peace and tranquillity". (source: wikipedia)

Several ways to get to Sentosa from main land, Singapore. One is by car, by public bus, sentosa express (you can see the track in the above photo), by cable cars (see below photo) and you can also walk there.

Closer view of cable cars.

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