Saturday, November 24, 2007

Changi Airport Terminal 3 opening 9th January 2008

Today I visited the new Changi Airport terminal 3 ( it would be officially open and operating on 9th January 2008). It is so big and we walked so much and we were so tired. Most shops are not open yet. Geez, looking at it, I think the next time I travelled I would be shopping in Changi Aiport even before I boarded a plane....hahaha. All my favourite shops are in there. Now I believe why we are alway no. 1 airport in the world. Our existing Changi Aiport Terminal 1 and 2 are already very good and now with terminal 3 , we really are very spoilt with good shopping, dining and travelling

You dont have to fly to be in Changi Airport. It really looked like a big shopping Mall. with 140 retail shops and F&B outlets with the most desired lifestyle brands and well loved dining establishments.

This is the main departure hall (photo shows only the main portion, it is actually very very big).
Majority of the wall of Changi Airport Terminal 3 are built with towering glass walls. One can view the interior of the transit area.

Even the lifts are all glass walled. This is so cool.
This spectacular five storey high and 300 m wide vertical garden features 25 species of climbing plants which you can view from both the Departure and Arrival Halls.
The plants are watered automatically.
Now I would end here and would post more photos when all the shops are fully open.
For more photos:Click here

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ro_pumpkin said...

great post ! changi is really nice but i don't really understand why they need another terminal . it was never busy / crowded when i was there .