Wednesday, November 25, 2020

What type of masks to use to prevent Covid 19

2020 is really a scary year and it ending soon but the virus is not ending anytime. Winter is approaching for most countries. Need stock up masks to protect oneself against the Covid virus. Masks really help and also extra care required to protect ourselves such as washing our hands often without touching our eyes, nose and mouth.

Singapore is now 15 days without any local community infection. All are imported cases. We need wear masks all the time indoor or outdoor except when one is exercising or dining or in one own home.

Every few months, our government gave us free fabric masks and is good to use for 30 washes only. We need practise hygiene too and use clean masks.

 Wear the correct surgical masks when going to risky places like hospitals and crowded places. Fabric masks are good for when lesser crowds and remember to keep a distance and avoid crowds.

How to know what masks to wear. The following table might help you to choose the correct masks.

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More information on the correct type of masks.

Let's all not give up and masks up to protect ourselves and exterminate this virus so we can get back to our normal lifestyles.

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