Saturday, October 3, 2020

Life is almost back to normal but we are still taking lots of cautions due to the Covid Pandemic

It was a weekday, I had to run some errands at Marina Bay Sands. Normally I would not travel far from my home but need to go to collect something. It was a very different Marina Bay Sands from the usual sight. Not many people in here due to the covid travel ban in many countries, otherwise it would be full of tourists. 

It was great to be able to take some photos without people blocking my view but I need to be cautious too. I am wearing a mask. It was mandatory in Singapore to wear masks indoor or outdoor unless dining or doing exercises.

After finished my errands, did some walking around the mall and love the peaceful atmosphere.
Like this foral arrangement very much and in my favourite colour too.

Time to head back. I was the only one in the MRT train between Bayfront Station and Promenade Station but after that lots of people coming in. Life has almost back to normal in Singapore. It is still empty in the CBD but not the heartlands.

Full of shoppers and diners in shopping mall located in the heartlands. Weekend it would be very very crowded but social distance is still in place and masks is still mandatory. We are all very law abiding and everyone wear the masks. For those not wearing masks, there's a fine of S$300. And we cannot gather more than five people at the moment except when there's a wedding (100 people), religious events, cinema etc. More Covid 19 restrictions has been eased and we are looking foward to everything back to normal . There's very low number of cases in the community and sometimes zero. Wearing the masks certainly help stop the spreading of the virus and also need the community to co operate in wearing the masks and social distancing. 

I am so used to wearing the mask now and never leave home without one. Also using the hand sanitizer more often especially after payment for my purchases, using the public transport, etc

People queuing to dine in newly open restaurants in the heartland shopping malls. Staffs around to make sure people are social distancing when queueing otherwise the restaurants will also face a fine.

Video of people enjoying the sampan in Marina Bay Sands.


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