Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My World Tuesday - SEA Aquarium Resort World Sentosa Singapore Part 2- Open Ocean (Zone 5) - World's Largest Aquarium

Wow this is fantastic, the tank looked so huge like a huge cinema screen. This is the world's largest aquarium. You can view more information from the official website of SEA Aquarium.

We could view the aquarium from the side, it really looked like the bottom of the sea and the huge sting ray swimming towards us. Very beautiful and interesting indeed.

Short videos of the huge aquarium.

Wow from the side of the huge aquarium, we could really see the bottom of the tank that kind of resemble the bottom of the seabed.

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Katrin Klink said...

That looks great - I love the turquoise!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful scenes from the aquarium.

Pearl said...

Hopefully that sort of thing will spark children's interest in respecting and protecting the ocean life.