Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chinese New Year - Festive eating

During the last three days, we been eating so much.

Day 1 - Lunch with my in laws with some local buffet with home cooked food and pizza from Pizza Hut. I cooked all the food except the spare ribs and pizza which were bought.

Day 2 - Lunch at brother's house with the rest of the siblings and family.

Fried Mee hoon cooked by 2nd sis's domestic helper - tasted so good.

Curry chicken cooked by 2nd sis's domestic helper - this is good too.

Day 3 - steamboat dinner and some local food(chilli crabs, black pepper crabs,etc)bought from nearby zichar stall.


Fun60 said...

Such wonderful and appetising food. It must have taken ages to prepare. Sounds like you have had a good New Year celebration

thomas said...

Happy New Year,food looks good here.