Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My World Tuesday - Butterfly Garden at Terminal 3 Changi Airport Singapore

Sorry for the long absence, I just came back from my holiday in Taiwan. Was really great and fun travelling. We did not join any travel agencies, booked our promotional air ticket with Singapore Airline to Taipei and booked our hotel online. Very easy.

We get to go via Terminal 3 Changi Airport to board our SQ plane. This is the first time I took a plane from terminal 3.

Terminal 3 is really huge and the best part was the butterfly garden. Hubby went for his meal and I just took off like an excited little girl to view the butterflies hahaha.

There are two levels and you can access to the garden from either level.

There are so many butterflies and plants and flowers. Great for photography but mind your steps and dont step on any butterflies that might rest on the ground.

Some videos showing the numerous butterflies flying around.

Butterfly sucking some nectar from the flowers.

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Anonymous said...

A butterfly garden in an airport? What a brilliant idea! And I love all your gorgeous shots.

Arija said...

Singapore is really making travellers welcome with this very beautiful butterfly garden, I remember the orchid garden with goldfish and bridge which was so soothing and now this delight! I wish I could still fly commercially to go and enjoy it on my way to Europe.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful flowers and butterflies in the butterfly garden.

escape said...

this was the part that i missed when i was there. next time. next time.

Indrani said...

This is interesting, a butterfly garden in the airport. I hope to see it in my next visit.

The Earth said...

Woee!! That's so beauty!

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