Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My World Tuesday - Universal Studio Singapore - Taking photos with Puss in Boots

This is my favourite part in the theme park. These mascots are so lovable and huggable. Many children queue to have their photos taken with Puss In Boots.

There's this little girl who really likes Puss In Boots that she asked for his autograph. So cute.

I was just sitting beside the photo taking station and I just aim my camera just to capture the action of people queueing to have their photos taken with Puss In Boots. Suddenly Puss in Boots turned to my side and just posed for me. So nice. I quickly snap a photo of him..hahaha. I thought his eyes are charming and adorable. Now you can see the kid in me...lol.

One of my favourite photo at Universal Studio Singapore.

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Sylvia K said...

Oh, how fun! Love your photos and that BIG cat! Fun look at your world! Have a wonderful week, Alice!


Marites said...

lucky you that Puss posed for your camera. Really loved him in the movies and probably, i'd be lining up with those kids to have my photo taken with him too:) My world is here.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful mascot. Very lovable.

Alexander said...

Very cute mascots. Glad to see Universal Studio Singapore taking on. Can't wait to visit it when I go back to Singapore for holidays.

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Thomas Lee/Lee Lip Pang said...

This cat is very cute,nice to have a picture with Puss.

XUE said...

I'm just thinking how hot it must be for this big cat. Poor tabby!

alicesg said...

Xue, these entertainers in costumes come out for about ten minutes only cause it is very hot for them.