Monday, December 22, 2008

Celebrate Christmas In Singapore (CCIS) Floats 2008

Hahaha, I was lucky to catch these floats on 19th December 2008, as I was about to cross the road from Orchard MRT Station towards Wheellock Place. Was wondering why there were so many traffic policemen stopping their bikes in the middle of the road.

Although I had a close up view of the floats, I was multi tasking, taking the camera out of bag, snap the photos and trying to cross the So some of the photos were quite blur.

These eight floats just started parading along Orchard Road and seven floats will then start touring heartlands of Singapore, stopping at various venues on different nights, to spread the christmas joy.

Now what about eighth float? Scroll down to see where the no. 8 float will be.
Sorry for a very blurred photo, we have to hurry to cross the road.

This is the number eighth float which will be parked at Plaza Singapura and will later return to Orchard Road to rejoin the other seven floats on 25th December for the Christmas Day Grand Concert.

Do hurry down to see the float at Plaza Singapura.

Details of the float can be view at CCIS website.


Anonymous said...

Wow - some cool floats!

Anonymous said...


I wish you, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

by Danie said...

Beautiful and sunny and warm,
here in my home town there is also a float, the 31st of december at midnight, so you can imagine how cold it is at that time of the year! anyway everybody has a lot of fun, I enjoy going to the float procession when I am at home.
Merry merry Christmas, enjoy yourself, have a nice time with hubby and family.

Photo Cache said...

Sometimes a photographer just gets lucky. The subject finds her instead of the other way around.

alicesg said...

Thank you for all the nice comments and wishes.

Merry Christmas to all too.

escape said...

wow! what a great event christmas is in singapore. it's good to know that people more and more value this very special season. the floats are beautiful.