Sunday, February 11, 2007

Chinese New Year Shopping in Chinatown Singapore

During Chinese New Year, shopping in Chinatown, Singapore is alway a colourful event. Full of different varieties of food, titbits, flowers, etc on sale.

Stall selling dried sausages, waxed ducks, etc

Stallholder chopping up roasted pig's thigh for customers.

Stall selling pomeloes.

This is Nian Guo. It is actually a sticky cake, normally sold during chinese new year.

Melon seeds for sale

Assorted cookies for sale

This is a dried cookies which is eated as it is or cooked with water.
Flowers and plants on sale. The favourite plant for chinese new year is the Pussy Willows.

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J.C. said...

From your photos of the activities in Chinatown, I can feel the excitement of your city dwellers in their preparation for it!