Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Sun Halo in Singapore

Today around noon, most of us saw the Sun Halo in Singapore. This is the first time, I saw it.

These faint coloured rings encircling the sun are formed by the refraction of the light through ice crystals in high-level clouds under relatively clear conditions.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Monitor Lizard at The Singapore Botanic Garden

Monitor Lizard that looked like Komodo Dragon found in Singapore Botanic Garden. There are quite a number of times, strolling in the garden.  They wont attack unless provoked. So just stand a distance away from them.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Singapore National Day 2020 - Celebrating Singapore's 55th Birthday in the Heartlands, Singapore

Yesterday was the 55th Birthday of Singapore. Due to Covid 19, the event was scaled down and many events were spread in the Heartlands instead of one location for social distancing purposes.

Though the number of covid cases in Singapore is still high but the spread of the virus is only few in the local community. Most cases are in the dormitories of migrant workers. Finally, they have finished all the testing for the workers and the number of cases will go down. Hopefully no cluster again.

 I hope everything will go back to normal so people can lead normal lives, hope the economy will recover and a lot of people will not lose jobs, etc. 

Meanwhile we are still wearing masks indoors or outdoors except in our own homes and remember to sanitise our hands and hope everybody  be healthy.

Video of Mobile Column along Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore Video of Mobile Column in Bukit Panjang, Singapore Video of Fireworks in Bedok Heartland, Singapore Video of Fireworks in Punggol Heartland, Singapore

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Singapore National Day 2020 - NDP Goodies Bag

Singapore National Day 2020 is on 9th August 2020. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, this year the celebration will be focus on celebrating at home and many segments moved to the heartland and smaller scale evening show. As such, each household will given an NDP goodies bag for the celebration.

Many heartland flats were decorated to celebrate the occasion. This year the NDP goodies bag is very useful. The reuseable maks are lovely with Singapore Logo.

Video showing me unboxing the NDP goodies bag. 

Friday, June 19, 2020

Circuit Breaker Phase 2 (lifting of partial lockdown in Singapore)

Finally, after almost three months of partial lockdown, we enter Phase 2 of circuit breakers, the lifting of partial lockdown. This means all retail shops are open and we are allowed to dine in. We still need to be cautious and maintain social distancing and only gathering of five are allowed. We need to scan in and out of malls, restaurants, shops, etc for safe entry. This is to allow contact tracing in the even of a covid case. Just hope there's no spike in any covid case in the community otherwise we had to go back to lock down again. 

I still am very nervous seeing so many crowds today, after so many months of enjoying peace and no crowds. I just get my things done, bought my stuff and quickly head home. 

This  proved that wearing masks really helps in lower the number of covid cases in the community and few days we had zero cases in the local community. It is compulsory to wear masks in Singapore whether indoor or outdoor except in our own home. 

Even though we enter phase 2 lifting of partial lockdown, we still need to wear masks unless of course when dining. 

For complete clear of covid case in the country will be Phase 3 and that's where we really can relax and celebrate.