Friday, June 19, 2020

Circuit Breaker Phase 2 (lifting of partial lockdown in Singapore)

Finally, after almost three months of partial lockdown, we enter Phase 2 of circuit breakers, the lifting of partial lockdown. This means all retail shops are open and we are allowed to dine in. We still need to be cautious and maintain social distancing and only gathering of five are allowed. We need to scan in and out of malls, restaurants, shops, etc for safe entry. This is to allow contact tracing in the even of a covid case. Just hope there's no spike in any covid case in the community otherwise we had to go back to lock down again. 

I still am very nervous seeing so many crowds today, after so many months of enjoying peace and no crowds. I just get my things done, bought my stuff and quickly head home. 

This  proved that wearing masks really helps in lower the number of covid cases in the community and few days we had zero cases in the local community. It is compulsory to wear masks in Singapore whether indoor or outdoor except in our own home. 

Even though we enter phase 2 lifting of partial lockdown, we still need to wear masks unless of course when dining. 

For complete clear of covid case in the country will be Phase 3 and that's where we really can relax and celebrate.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Supermoon 7th May 2020 (Singapore)

Supermoon on 7th May 2020 Singapore - I used my Canon digital camera and zoom 25 times, it was super big and almost could see the surface of the moon. This is the last supermoon for 2020. Something to talk about beside the circuit breaker in Singapore. Hopefully we could see the light at the end of the tunnel soon. 

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Circuit Breaker Extended in Singapore

COVID-19 circuit breaker extended until Jun 1 as Singapore aims to bring down community cases ‘decisively. We are isolating ourselves at home. Not many places we could go as majority of shops, malls are closed except for essential business like supermarkets, wet markets,clinics, pharmacies, restaurants, eateries, etc. We could not dine in and could only takeaway of food. Now even the barbers and hairdressers are closed.

Common scenario nowadays, we need to queue to enter wet markets or supermarkets and also to rememeber to observe social distance otherwise we need pay a fine of S$300 for first offence and $1000 for second offence.

And yes, now wearing masks is compulsory otherwise we will be fined. I think is good that majority of the population are very coperative except for few who break the laws and not wearing masks.

For popular wet markets, we could visit only on even or odd dates based on our last digit of our NRIC (National Registration Identity Card).

Going to supermarket is a very stressful and sad thing nowadays. We could always see empty shelves of eggs and popular items. Luckily, I had few supermarkets, minimarts near me where I could get my groceries easily.

Finally, as being a senior citizen myself, I dare not loiter around, quickly get my stuff and head back home. The virus is really scary and invisible enemy.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Singapore having a circuit breaker (partial lockdown)

Singapore is experiencing a partial lock down known as Circuit Breaker. The month-long enhanced safe distancing measures, dubbed the “circuit breaker” by authorities is to break the chain of the covid 19 infection.

All non essential shops, establishments are ordered to shut down. Only essential services like emergency, healthcare, health shops, repair services, restaurants, eateries, markets and supermarkets, etc are allowed to operate.

We all have to stay home as much as possible and only go out for groceries purchases, medical treatment, or work for essential services staffs etc.

Schools are closed too and students are doing home learning, officer workers, etc are all working from home.

I hope the virus will go away soon and life will be back to normal.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Supermoon - March 2020

Few days ago, the moon was super big. It was the supermoon. I quickly use my Canon Digital Camera and zoom (25X) at the moon. Wow I could see the surface of the moon. Fantastic