Monday, November 3, 2014

Trick Eye Museum Singapore at Resort World Sentosa Singapore

My best friend and I had a blast of time at Trick Eye Museum at Resort World Sentosa. Although we are in our fifites but we really are very young at heart hahaha.

The ticket was S$25 for adult, S$20 for senior 60 and above and children between 4 to 12.

It was important to know which angle to stand to get the best of your photos. Most of the time, there's marking on the floor to indicate where to stand to capture the best moment of the trick.

If unsure of how to pose to get the trick, there's always the poster(like the top and below photo) at the side of each exhibit to teach you the correct pose.

Not necessary to rotate our camera, we can always rotate via the computer when we load the photo to get the trick position.

Most important not to have photo bombers, like the little girls at the side spoiling the whole photo of their friend in the middle.

Difficult to get this pose, we are too old to bend backwards on the statue, our back really aching hahaha. So did not attempt this trick.

Love this pose, all we had to do is to rotate our photo.

Photo teaching us how to pose as if we were climbing the side of the wall.

Pop over to the official website of Trick Eye Museum for more information.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treats - Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween - Trick or Treats

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

River Taxi along Singapore River

I was in Raffles Place vicinity and chanced upon this River Taxi. Instead of taking the taxi on the road from Raffles Place to Central Mall, we decided to take the river taxi. It was a great experience, I knew of this service but kinda of forgot about it till I saw the Kiosk.

It was only S$3 regardless of where you alight. Payment could be in cash or by our EZ Link Card (which we used to take the MRT and/or bus). If the kiosk is empty, it could only mean the staff was away on toilet break, etc, just wait for her to return.

The river taxi dont seem popular so the boat only comes when the staff use the walkie talkie to get the driver to cruise over to our stop, we dont have to wait for a long time cause the boat was nearby.

Was so much fun, there's only two of us in the boat, kinda like we have our own private boat hahaha.

Central Mall was only 3 stops away, the ride was too short, the next time I would like to go to the end of the route to enjoy the nice cruise.

Short video on the beautiful scenery taken from the boat.

You can visit the official website of Singapore River Cruise for more details of the river taxi and their other cruises.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Changi Beach

Last weekend, spend a lazy day at Changi Point Beach.

There's a ferry terminal at Changi Point, where the boats will travel to Pulau Ubin (Singapore-dont need to have a passport to travel there) and to Pengerang, southern tip of Johor (Malaysia - need passport to travel there).

Wonder what these kids looking at, maybe some sea creatures.

Younger kids might like the playground at the beach.

Older folks prefer fishing.

I prefer to just laze around looking what's going around me, love the sea view, listening to the sounds of the waves and the occasional boats passing by.

Changi Beach is near Changi International Airport, that's explained the several planes flying nearby. I zoomed on the planes, could easily identify the name of the airlines.

Wild grasses

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tiong Bahru Housing Estate and Market

Tiong Bahru is one of the oldest housing estate in Singapore and were gazetted by the Urban Redevelopment Authority for Conservation.

It has a very famous market with lots of food stalls selling very good food.

On the ground floor is the wet market selling vegetables, poultry, fruits, etc.

The cooked food stalls were on the second floor of the market.

It is not difficult to figure out the famous and good food stall, just look out for the queues during lunch and dinner time.

This used to be a famous coffee shop but has since closed for renovation. Doubt after renovation, they were the same owners.

The apartment blocks have very unique spiral staircases which makes them outstandng from the rest of the apartment blocks in other parts of Singapore.

The estate consists of about 30 apartment blocks with a total of over 900 units. The apartment blocks are made up of two to five-storey flats and the units are assorted three to five-room apartments.

Took these photos recently, the hanging of flags were due to the recent celebration of Singapore's birthday on 9th August. On normal days we dont hang the flags on our apartments, they can only be hung for one month from 9th August to celebrate the occasion.

Spotted a couple of hotels in the vicinity.

Found this nice bakery shop selling very tasty and good nonya kuehs.