Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My World Tuesday - Skating at Marina Bay Sands

Was at Marina Bay Sands, was surprised to see a skating ring inside MBS, the skating floor is not real ice but synthetic surface, which is as close as skating on real ice.

Cost: $7 per hour for adults and $6 per hour for children, with skates rental at $3 for the first hour. The skating rink just opened this month. I think they should also provide helmets, looked so dangerous to me. Will the kids fall on the floor and hit their heads? But what do I know about skating, I dont skate.

A short video of the skating rink from the above.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Singapore Food Trail - Antique

Besides food, there is a small section at the Singapore Food Trail where there's a display of antique at a corner of the food centre.

Hahaha most of the items are what we had during our childhood. Those cabinets where they kept the bowls and even the bowls are what I used to have in my parents' home when I was a child during the 60s. But they were thrown away when my parents shift to a new home cause they were all damaged and old. We never see them as antique back then hahaha.

These bottles of soft drinks were what we were looking forward to during Chinese New Year when we were children. Back then they were considered luxuries cause we could only afford to have them during festive periods. After drinking some bottles were sold to the rag and bone man (person who collect recycled items and sell them for recycled purposes) and some bottles were used to double up as rolling pins for my mom and siblings to make pastries during the festive periods. The glass bottles were made from good and strong materials, I remembered my mom used it to crush some peanuts and the bottles wont break.

Infront of the food centre is this drawing of hop scotch, a game we used to play when we were young.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Singapore Food Trail - Ice Ball

The highlight of our visit to Singapore Food Trail was these ice balls. We ordered four of these to the delight of the stallholder. Yummy. Ice Ball has a long history. It now costs $2.50 for one, the last time I remembered I only paid ten cents for it hahaha. That was when I was in Primary School. Ice Ball was ice shavings shaped into a ball, inside are some red bean (used to be beans not bean paste as you can see from the below video) and some syrup and coconut milk poured all over the ice ball. They now served them in bowl with a spoon but we used to hold the ice ball in our hands and suck the ice ball.

Am so glad Ice Ball made a come back. During the 60s Ice Ball was popular with school children, I rembered I share one ice ball with my class mate, we each paid five cents for the cost of the ten cents ice ball and have the stall holder saw the ice ball into half hahahaha. You should have see the mini saw that he used to saw the ice ball, all the water caused the saw to rust, wondered why we were so healthy back then, we dont fall sick that often and never need to see any doctor. If today we were to see any stallholder using rusty utensils to whip out their food, they will sure get a fine lol.

Short video of making of ice balls.

Do remember to try out the ice ball if you visit the Singapore Food Trail. Best to eat the ice ball by holding the ice ball in the plastic sheet with your hands and suck the ice. It is not the same feeling if you will to eat the ice ball with the spoon. Am sure those in my generation born before the late 60s will remember the fond memories of childhood when sucking the ice ball by holding it in both hands.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My World - Singapore Food Trail

Last week, managed to find time to visit Singapore Food Trail for lunch. Singapore Food Trail is on Level 1 at the Singapore Flyer. It is actually a food centre with themed interior design and setting from the past, as well as some makeshift stalls along the roadside. It really bring out the fond memories of my childhood times where we used to eat at stalls along the roadside.

Hahaha the stallholder posed for me to take photos of his stall. No need to advertise for him, he is already famous hahaha. The sign infront of his stall indicated that. But that does not stop him from telling me, his siblings operated other oyster omelette stalls in Bedok Bus Interchange and Geylang too hahaha.

Oyster Omelette $8 (medium) - the portion looked big enough for us - yummy.

Hokkien Mee - $8 - yummy

Bak Kut Teh - $30 for 5 bowls of rice, two bowls of pork ribs soup, one bowl of pig's organs soup, one bowl of preserved vegetables and you tiao (fried fritters).

It is interesting to see road signs in the food centre too.

I will definitely go back again to try the other food too. The price might be steep but the portion is generous.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

I Light - the piano man and the drummer

Very cute light displays. Made from wires and many tiny fairy lights.