Saturday, December 25, 2010


Here wishing all those who celebrate christmas, a very Merry Christmas and to the rest, enjoy the public holiday.

Some funny faces by my youngest

I force my little niece to wear the Santa mask too..hahaha


escape said...

hahaha... looks funny but it's really cute with your niece.

Merry Christmas! oh by the way, im planning to find some cheap gadgets in singapore. where would you recommend me? sim lim or funan? thanks!

Alexander said...

hahaha... hohoho Merry Christmas!

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alicesg said...

Dong Ho, best visit Funan unless you really know the price of your gadget otherwise you might be quoted a very high price in Sim Lim especially if you are a tourist. You can check out the prices at Courts, Best Electric or Challenger (they are located in most malls)before you head to Funan or Sim Lim. Good Luck in your shopping. Sorry I cant meet up with you.

Elaine Yim said...

So cute. Merry Christmas, Alice!

Trotter said...

Hi Alice! Funny post!!
Hope you had a great Christmas weekend! Have a great week ahead!