Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My World Tuesday - Mid Autumn Festival 2012 - Shopping in Chinatown

This coming Sunday which is the 15th day of the eight chinese lunar month, will be the mid autumn festival. Majority of Chinese all over the world will celebrate this occasion. The origin of mid autumn festival was celebrated worshipping the moon and exchanging round cakes which we now called them - moon cakes and some will carry lanterns and drinking tea and eating the moon cakes while gazing at the bright round moon on this day. But now worshipping the moon has become less popular but exchanging of the mooncakes with close family members and friends are still as popular as before. Most family members will have a reunion dinner on this day too.

You can read my previous post on the legends on The Legend of the Mid Autumn Festival.

Last week, I finally get a chance to do some shopping in Chinatown. Love the atmosphere of the mid autumn festival shopping. Love all these beautiful lanterns which were be lighted by candles. Some lanterns are made of plastic with a bulb in it and lighted by battery for safety reasons. I still prefer those lanterns lighted by candles.

Hahaha spotted by favourite piggies in baskets (symbolize "pigs" being bound for sale). These piggies were made from flour and they tasted good.

This is how piggy biscuit looked like.

Lots of mooncakes on sale in chinatown, will talked about the origins of mooncake in next post.

There were many stalls selling pomelos from different countries. The best bet must be the pomelo from Ipoh, Malaysia. They are sweet and juicy. Best to choose the slightly yellowish and heavier pomelo to ensure its ripeness and for more pomelo juice.

For photos on other parts of the world, please visit Our World Tuesday Meme. Thanks to the team of Our World for giving us the opportunity to share my world with the rest of the world.


Lara Neusiedler @ Uproad said...

fantastic place! all over again, I adore those colours!

Rajesh said...

Wonderful shots from celebration, very colorful.

Fun60 said...

Thanks for this really interesting post. I am very excited about this festival as I will be in Hong Kong next weekend and am hopeful of seeing lots of celebrations taking place.

lorik said...

Happy, colourful festive photographs! You might like to share your work on Mandarin Orange Monday sometime:)

zeal4adventure.com said...

Aside from giving each other mooncakes, the tradition here in the Philippines is to place this certain dice game. Are you familiar with that? Love the piggy biscuit. :)

Alice said...

Thanks all for visiting my blog with these wonderful comments.

Fun60, glad you are heading this way and hope you will have a great time shopping and dining and sightseeing. I will be heading to hanoi soon.

Lorik, will head over and have a look.

Zeal, no ida about the dice game. Thanks for sharing this information.