Monday, April 27, 2009


This is the book that I borrowed from the community library from Compass Point Shopping Mall last week.
It refreshed my memory of knitting.

The last time I knitted was when I was thirteen and in Secondary One during my home economics class.

Wow am glad that I managed to remember how to knit with the help of the book.

I hated the colour of this wool but I found it in my The wool was a leftover from my son's project. I think I will have to add some colourful beads at the end of the shawl when I finished. Actually, I am not sure what I am going to knit this into...hahaha

My good friend, CC from Texas will be very proud of me with my knitting. She is always there encouraging me to try out knitting or crocheting. Thank you CC. :)
When I am successful with this knitting project, I will buy more wools that are not yellow in colour...hehehe.....wish me luck.


XUE said...

As much as I love trying all sorts of craft...I think I won't do knitting as it's something that would be harder to learn on yr own. I have never knitted, wouldn't know where to start. Sadly too, I think it's my lack of interest that makes me think it will be difficult. Quilting is easier :) . I look forward to seeing what this yellow wool will be transformed into!

alexander said...

haha... bringing back old memories? Have fun knitting.

Alex's World! -

Anya said...

When my girl's are little, I had many sweaters make with knitting
( I don't now the right words LOL)
I make some with cartoons on, Garfield and
Tweety & Sylvester,
Donald Duck &
Mickey Mouse etc.....
I had learned it from my mother :)
I wish my girls where little, than I could make a new one HEHE
They don't like knitting
its old fashion.....

alicesg said...

Xue, I love the crafts in your blog. They are so beautiful. As for knitting, I learn it during my school times, so it is easier to get started again.

Alex, as one gets older, we like to look back at what we have Thanks I already have fun in the knitting, hope I wont stop

Anya, yes, my nieces dont take up knitting in school either. They are luckier, they now have computer lessons unlike our time, we are all into the old fashioned

the donG said...

it's nice to know that you're doing it again.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Alice
I have just started knitting again this last week.. I am knitting a multi-coloured blanket for my sons baby to be... it will be more of a 'throw' by the time it is done, I have done these many times for gifts and both my sons have asked for one. Good luck with where ever your knitting takes you.. I find it so relaxing.

alicesg said...

Wow Tom, so nice to learn you are knitting. I too find it very satisfaction when I see the knitting getting bigger and bigger. :)