Saturday, May 31, 2008

Childhood Games-Five Stones

Do you still remember the childhood games you played? While the country is still recovering from World War II, many could not afford to buy toys for their children. So many of us made our own toys.

One of the game that we made our own is the five stones. We just sew three sides of a little bag and put some beans into it and pinched the ends of the open end of the bag to made into into a triangle shape and sealed the ends.

Game Play

Step 1: Throw all five stones. Whilst throwing a stone, pick up one stone and catch the stone in the air before it falls to the ground. Do this for each of the stones on the ground.

Step 2: Repeat step 1 but pick up two stones at a time.

Step 3: Repeat step 1 but pick up a combination of three stones and one.

Step 4: Throw all five stones. Pick up four stones whilst one stone is in the air and catch the later before it falls to the ground.

Step 5: Whilst throwing one stone, place the four on the ground. Throw one stone up again and catch it whilst picking all four stones on the ground.

Step 6: Throw all five stones on the ground. Pick two stones. Throw one in the air and exchange the other with one on the ground. Do the same with the remaining stones on the ground.

Step 7: Throw the two stones held at the end of Step 6. Pick up one stone and then catch the two falling stones separately in each hand. Do this until there is three stones in one hand and two in the other. Throw the two stones and catch it separately. Throw the remaining stone and catch it with the hand that has all the stones.

Step 8: Throw all five stones on the ground. The opponent selects a stone to be thrown in the air. The player has to pick this stone without moving any others. The player throws the stone in the air and picks the remaining on the ground in one clean sweep.

If at any point of time the player fails to complete this set of eight steps, he/she will have to forfeit his turn to his opponent. Upon his opponent's failure to complete, he will return to the incomplete step, starting from the very beginning of that step.

AuthorBonny Tan


Lara said...

hahah, fun! we don't have such a thing! but we played sotron - the older I get, the more I realize I actually loved it! I think it is called hopscotch in English.

alexander said...

Thanks for reminding me! :D
It was one of my favourite games. This week there were a lot of incident for me that causes flash backs to my childhood days. Those were such fun time.
No stress, and full of fun.

Thanks for remembering to visit my blog after this long wait. :D

Alex's World! -

Squirrel said...

this game is cool and reminds me of all the throwing and jacks games we played. I'd forgotten about these games.