Monday, February 11, 2008

Grass Head Doll

The grass head doll is so cute. People call it " green environmental protection toy ". It can increase the green environment for each family, improves the room air. You can irrigate on the head of doll, after several days it can grow long green grass. You can prune it and make the hairstyle as you like, and it has many kinds of different designs. Even after pruning, it can still grows.

I think they looked so cute.


Lawstude said...

very pretty alice. i think i have seen one in a mall here in manila before.

Anonymous said...

Lovely captures

quintarantino said...

They are funny living dolls.

Jilly said...

Love these. I've seen something similar - think the grass is used for cats to scratch on? Yours are so cute tho.

Joy said...

They're so cute! How much are they?

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CC said...

I love the dolls..send me one to Texas..along with some of your wonderful food..
Cizzie...aka CC

Old Wom Tigley said...

I used to make these with my lads when they were very young... that was before they knew what computer games were... ha!... these are far far better and so colourful... all your posting have stunning colours in them.

Dave said...

Those green haired spikeys remind me of chia pets! LOL

zakscloset said...

haha. very unique! i've seen them somewhere once before and they had many different faces. nice pics!!

alicesg said...

Thanks for all the nice comments.
Joy, I think they cost a few dollars.
Tom, you are right. My sons own virtual pets. lol

alexander said...

Yes! And they are so cute!

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Lara said...

we have them here too. they are so funny!