Sunday, January 13, 2008

Terracotta Replicas at chinatown antique shop

I found these terracotta warriors in front of an antique shop in Chinatown. Well I believed these are not the real terracotta warriors from China. If they are the real thing, the owner will keep them under lock and key instead of just displaying them along the "5 foot way". ( A covered corridor in front of a row of shophouses measuring about 5 feet in width).

I find them interesting. This poor warrior is missing a head. I guess these terracotta warriors replicas are bought from the now defunct Tang Dynasty Village theme park. (There are plans to bring the 1,500-year-old Shaolin Temple legacy and culture, as well as its famed warrior monks, to Singapore in the form of a new tourist attraction, possibly based at the now-defunct Tang Dynasty Village theme park in Jurong.)


Romanian lessons @ Context Training said...

replicas or not, I hope they do a good job in protecting the area...:).

zakscloset said...

oh no head!!!! still it tells the history. nice pics!

Joy said...

My first glimpse of terracotta soldiers was when I was 7. They were brought over from China to Manila.

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ro_pumpkin said...

of course i do have the small replicas bought from chinatown ... hahaha