Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mini Rice Pot

This is a miniature rice pot. It is like the bigger rice pot where we used to keep our uncooked rice. In my earlier "post, I had mentioned that I pasted the words "chang man on my rice pot.

This mini rice pot had the word "man" which means full on it. There is a small packet of rice with the chinese words "Fa" (mean prosper). This is how businessman tried to make customers buy their products by making their products very auspicious.


quintarantino said...

Yummie, yummie.. I want one...

Lawstude said...

Interesting post. In my country, to make the rice appear appetizing, we wrapped it in either banana or weaved coconut leaves. Different cultures are really amazing.

Joy said...

They look so pretty. And I love rice!

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alice said...

They look nice! And "fa", at least one Chinese word easy enough for me!

Kitem said...

They are so cute, I haven't seen that here in KL. I love all your posts about Chinese New Year, the customs, colors, cooking and everything, I knew some of them but with you I learn more everyday.