Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chinese New Year 2008 Shopping Spree (Part 1)-Chinese Decorations

Time passes fast. Two more weeks it will be Chinese New Year. Everyone busy shopping for Chinese New Year. And the favourite place must be Chinatown. Chinatown is filled with a sea of red. Everywhere you looked, it will be probably be red.

Shops selling chinese new year decorations. There are many shops like the above selling the same stuff.

The above would look familar to most, they are "chun lian" or couplets. You can see the description in my earlier post .

Some are accessories meant for "ang pow" lanterns. Many Chinese households in Singapore make their own "ang pow" lanterns during Chinese New Year. I will describe this in another post. (See above and below photos)

Accessories for "ang pow" lanterns.
I like these lion dance puppets. They are cute.


Alex said...

Have you already got your Chinese New Year's decorations? So exciting. The children will like the lion dance puppets.

Sorry for not visiting your blog the past few days. I was extremely busy.

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Joy said...

I love your photos! They make me homesick, though. I miss all the festivities this time of the year in Manila.

Have lovely Thursday!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and your kind comments. Drop by again!

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Old Wom Tigley said...

These colours are stunning, so bright and warm on this cold chilly wet day... What do you know about Jelly Ear fungi ? I have been coming across quite a bit of the stuff. Do you know how to eat/cook please. :O)

zakscloset said...

looks so nice and colourful. a handmade lantern would make a really nice gift and a house decoration i bet!

alicesg said...

Alex, this year my chinese new year will be very low key, wont be any decorations cause I am still in mourning for my late dad in law (I need to mourn for 100 days and this is short compared to those more traditional, they mourn for 1 to 3 years). I cant wear red or have anything red decorating the house. I cant go visiting on CNY but my siblings are all coming to my place so I still need to do some cooking.

Joy, you just remind me of my manila trip that was so long ago. I enjoyed that trip.

Tom, that was known as "mu er" or wood ear or black fungus in Asia. Yes, I can cook very simple home cooked food. There are many recipes for this, I can post one or two in my food blog when I am free, will let you know when I do that. Wood ear belong to the mushroom family and known to have antitumour and cholesterol lowering properties. Most mushrooms are beneficial and are fat free and cholesterol free and known to fight against diseases (such as cancer), so start eating mushrooms. :)

Zak, yes to beautiful handmade decorations, will talk more in another post.

alicesg said...

One more note to add, the mushroom/wood ear fungus that I ate, are purchased from grocery shops and are tested and approved by our strict food authority. If you will do wild mushroom picking, please do be careful as some mushrooms are posionous and can easily misidentified as woodear fungus. Hope this information is useful.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Thank you for coming back at this.. I will be posting a picture for Saturday showing the ones I've been seeing a lot of... look forward to reading your recipes.

evlahos said...

very beautiful compositions

quintarantino said...

Very nice colors on those photos. Seems a nice place for even a western wander around and maybe buy a thing or two.
Sorry for your loss.

alex said...

Sorry to hear that.
Yes I understand your situation.