Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chinese New Year 2008 - Flowers

Flowers and plants are not to be forgotten during Chinese New Year. Favourites are pussy willow, pheony, red flowers and of course lucky bamboo plants.

This year this is the new addition to the lucky bamboo plants.
Plants and flowers can cost very expensive now but on the eve of Chinese New Year the prices of the plants and flowers will drop.
But if one want free plants and flowers for Chinese New Year, they can come after midnite on the eve of Chinese New Year, they can actually collect these plants from the trash cans of the flower vendor after all the stalls are closed. The Chinese New Year plants and flowers wont be able to sell after that so the vendor has to throw all of them away. What a waste.


Joy said...

I love those flowers! They look so dainty, just like the black bamboo. Wow, it looks like everyone's really gearing up for the New Year!

Can you believe it's Thursday already? It's blustery over here in Norwich, but I hope you're having fun where you are!

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and your kind comments. Drop by again!

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quintarantino said...

Nice photos.
But I couldn´t quite catch why must they throw the plants away...

alicesg said...

Quin, those are Chinese New Year's Plants, purchased to be put in the home for a auspicious year. After Chinese New Year, no one will want to buy those plants and the plants cant last for a long time because of our weather. Those plants are imported mostly from China. So the flower vendors had to throw them away after Chinese New Year Eve at the stroke of midnight.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Shame about the flowers.. but I see what you mean.. Lucky Bamboo now that sounds good.

zakscloset said...

that is quite a waste and very sad that those pretty flowers get tossed away. i guess it's sort of like christmas trees after christmas in the western culture.

CC said...

I love the plants...send the bamboo to me. For years, I've had bamboo plants in my home..the straight and the curved, spiral ones..and they're still so beautiful..I can't stand plants going to waste...rescue them...
Cizzie aka CC